The Falsified and Chip Implanted Dream

You have been sold a dream

But is it really as they would

Have it seem

It is temptation

It is lies

See for yourself

Open your eyes

You aspire to a dream

That is not your own

It is the greatest sales job

That you’ve been sold

You bought it

You believed it

The greatest lie

That’s ever  been told

Dreaming the dream

Not your own

Dreaming the dream

The only one

You’ve ever known

It is delusion

Manufactured for confusion

It’s what they do

To convince what to pursue

And now that

I have enlightened you

Will you try

To break away

Or will you stay

Within the comfort

Of the only dream

You’ve ever believed in

Or will you bravely

.Shred this dream

Into cerberal pieces

And disperse into

The great void of nothingness

And create a dream

An original dream

All your own

And live the rest

Of your days

Living the rebellion

Of dreaming

A dream


And creatively

Belonging to you

And no one else

But you



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