I Dream a Dream Within a Dream

The magic of life

It is a wonder after all

How it came to be

How we came to see

And think and feel

Is it all real

Or just a fanciful dream

Of some grand program

We can barely understand

Or is maybe beyond

Our understanding at all

What I do know

Is whether it is a reality

Or just a dream

It was perverted long ago

Twisted and knotted

Into gross malignant shapes

We talk of an afterlife heaven

When we had it in this life

The dream, the reality

Turned into a nightmare

A hell of our own making

There’s no turning back

Not now, it’s gone too far

Straight into the pit

We seemed determined to go

The etrnal abyss of nothingness

Pity, it didn’t have to be

But it is what it is

A species with more gifts

Than any ever known

Wasted and debased

Defiled and thrown away

The existential cliff

Is on the horizon

I can see it in the distance

Waiting with calm acceptance

Of our heavy footed approach

All will fall

No one spared

It is what happens

When the good are idle

Occupying themselves like children

With superficial childish things

And evil is allowed

To roam  unabated and free

For too long, much too long

The poison has spread too wide

The cancerous disease has rotted away

All there might have been

I will close my eyes now

To sleep if I can

And ease my troubled mind

For a whisper of time

And a moment’s peace

To dream a dream

Within a dream

Of what might have been

I will hope for nothing more

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