You Are the Fire That Flames My Soul

Sweat on my brow

Pouring on down into my eyes

It’s hot it’s hot

It’s goddamn hot

Down in here

I think I’m going to fry

Right through my skin

Look at this fine mess

You’ve put me in

The oven’s turned on

And the knob’s broken off

The temperature is out of control

Red hot coals fire my soul

My shirt is soaked through and through

This is what you do to me

My heart’s aflame

In this raging love game

Sometimes all it takes

To get my engine going

Into a supersonic high gear

Is the mere mention

Of your sweet hypnotic name

I just hope it’s all

Not too much for me

And I die from loving you

But if I do, if I do

There will be a smile on my face

From having the greatest love

And the deepest passion

A man  ever knew.


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