A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Me

It’s a new day

It’s a new dawn

It’s 5 am

And here in the shadows

I have my game face on.

There’s a new me

You can see it in my stride

Right out in the open

In plain view

With no attempt to hide

I’ve been fucked with

For so many years

Lied to and used

Over the span of my life

I’ve cried a sea of tears.

Those days are dead

Buried deep in a memory grave

And that’s where they shall remain

There will be no resurrection

I am George, you see

And George isn’t playing no more

If you doubt me

If you doubt what I say

Look me straight up

Square in the eye

And you will see

And you will know

I am George

And I’m not playing anymore

This is the way I am now

And this is the way I will remain

What once was

Will never be again.

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