Am I Real Or Am I a Dream

Am I real

Or am I a dream

Sometimes I think

Sometimes I am

One then the other

Then both

At the same time

I get the strangest feeling

In my imaginary eye

That I am existing

On two separate plains

At the same time

But in different

States  of being

One physical

One ethereal

Hard to explain

Difficult to define

But still real

In their own unique way

It’s just a belief I have

A feeling inside of me

Whose source

I am unknowing of

I am exploring all possibilities

I will remain true

To this deep curiosity

Inside of me

Since I was born

Some decades ago

To find what is not seen

An answer

To the deepest

Question of all

And maybe, just maybe

The answer is different

From what I could have

Ever imagined it to be

And maybe, just maybe

There is not one answer

But a different answer

For each and everyone

In the realm of humanity

Before, now and evermore


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