I, George L. Hiegel, Will Have the Final Say

I am five days away

From my next check

I am forever in debt

Predatory loan sharks

Biting my heels

Heartless banks







I sick and ficking tired

Of it

Banks don’t care

Loan sharks don’t care

Nobody fucking cares

A culture of greed

A land of selfishness

A world of insatiable greed

Of cold blooded mindfulness

Premediated meaness

Goddammit it all to hell

The struggling

The sacrificing

Never ends

Killing myself everyday

Just to fall further behind

I rather deal with

Vultures and hyenas

This is a system

Designed to keep people dowm

To keep them chained

To the day they die

I am so damn tired

Of this shit

It’s a rats maze

With no way out

Designed purposely so

But I am going to escape

This madness

I will beat these assholes

At their own game

By their perverted rules

I will find a way

I, George L. Hiegel

Am going to have

The final say


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