The Mad Contradictions of What is Said and What Was Done

I will never understand you

I will never understand you at all

You said your entire life

You were looking for a good man

And they were so hard to find

But when push came to shove

And you had a chance to realize

What you said you wanted

All these many unhappy years

You contradicted what you said

Choosing not the good thing

But opting for the bad in its place

Are you a mascochist

A glutton for punishment

Your entire life has been

One bad thing after another

Decisions of an undecipherable mind

You complain, you complain

Then you make the same choices again and again

Well , now you have to live with it

And I don’t want to hear

Anymore complaints from you

You could’ve not only

Had a good thing

You could’ve had a great thing

For I am the best thing

Ever to come your way

You would’ve been happier

Than you have ever been before

Or will ever possibly be

But you chose misery and pain

As you have a repeated penchant for

So, I will move on now

Disappointed and disillusioned

But wiser in my ways

This is a last goodbye

To you whom I love

Maybe, just maybe

For the rest of my days

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