The Ever Evolving Tao of G and the Way of Being

This world is taking world

It takes all I have to give

Then it takes some more

Until my reserves are drained

And leave me in fractured state

Alone and shattered on the unsanctified floor

Beaten down and bruised

Broken hearted and abused

Until I think I just

Can’t take it anymore

Crawling through the killing ground

Where so many have fallen before

I am internally strong

I am eternally determined

To continue on

Rising and falling

Like the tides

A cycle of life

Woven into the fabric

Of life and my being

I am

I will

I be

There is no one

On this Earth

Now, before, or will be

Just like me

I am individual

I am strong willed

Ever questioning

Ever vigilant

To be the best personnn

I can ever be

No matter what

This world

This negative world

Throws my way

My way

And mine alone

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