Why Dream?

I had such big dreams

Grand plans

And adventurous schemes

But that was long ago

And I just don’t know

If it’s worth my time

To dream such dreams anymore

If you dream and dream and dream

Without fruition

If the seed you plant

Never becomes fertile

If it just lies there

In the soil of your psyche

Barren and never

Coming to life

Are you doing more

Harm than good

To yourself and your soul

By continuing to dream

Of better days

And adventreous ways

Of living in the place

You always wanted to live

Doing what you believed

You were born to do

Your dream job

Living and sharing your life

With a women

Who knows you

Understands you

And wants to be with you

More than anyone else

She has ever known

The woman who

Completes you soul

Who fills in the hole

Of all that is missing

In your life

Why dream

Why dream

Why dream

When they never

Come to be




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