The Preciousness of Time is Not to Be Spent on You

I don’t play games baby

And I won’t play games with you

You want to play the cold shoulder

Well, that’s just fine with me

You go on and find someone else to play

Life is short and death is long

And I’m not wasting my precious time on you

If you think you hurt me baby

If you think you wounded my pride

Then you don’t know me at all

I’ve been rejected by women

Much better than you’ll ever be

And you mean nothing at all to me

I’m the best man you’ll ever see

So you just go out there

And find someone far inferior for yourself

Then lie to yourself and everyone else

Of how he is so good for you

Or maybe you’ll bitch or complain

Of how all the good ones are gone

And find no one at all

Either way it’s of no consequence to me

The book on you has been closed

The door has been permanently shut

I have already move on

No regrets, no second thoughts

I am a man

The rarest breed

Any women will ever see

There is no man

No man who has ever existed

On this floating globe

Quite like me

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