I Wrote You a Letter But Did Not Send It to You

I wrote you a letter

Weeks and weeks ago

In it I poured out my soul

Everything of what was deep inside of me

Of what you meant to me

And my love for you still burning strong

It hurt like hell to write this down

Drumming a back beat of pain against my chest

Knowing I can never be with you

Seeing you and sharing your company

From now until the end of my earthly time

I cried often with the pen in my hand

And the tears flowed like cold rain

Chilling me right through my skin and bone

And I am here alone, alone without you

The woman I loved more than any other before or since

There never was or will be someone

Who made feel the way you did for another

I’ve been empty on the inside ever since

When the reality of things not working out

Finally penetrated my stubborn psyche

I am carrying on the best I can from day to day

But nothing can compensate for the loss of you

And all that we could have shared

Yes, I wrote you a letter my love

But I never did mail it to you

It’s still sitting on a living room table top

Covering a multitude of coffee stain rings

I might one day mail it to you

Or it may just stay right where it is

Forever reminding me of you

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