Bearing the Fruit of the Desired Tree

Does my being a good man

Bore you baby

Does it bore you all to tears

You prefer bad boys?

Is that you personal deal?

Well, I’ll tell you the key word

In the words bad boys

Is boys, yes boys

Bad boys are just that boys

And I am not a boy

I am a man

And let me enlightened you

Being a good man is not weakness

It is strength

Being a bad man is easy

It takes no strength to be bad

It is within us all to be bad

The strength lies in refraining from it

When the inclination is not to do so

Woman, I see that punk ass guy

You’re keeping time with

And just for the record

I could easily break him in two

Then pull him apart until

There’s nothing but ashes that remain

I could easily do so

Yet, I do not

Weakness and darkness are conquered

You are not worth my time woman

And that man you are attracted to

Isn’t a quarter of the man I am

No one you ever choose

Will be close to the man I am

So go back home woman

And always keep this in mind

We all have to live with

The choices we’ve made

And bear the consequences of them all

You got exactly what you wished for

Live with it

Now, I must be off

Continuing on my road to better days

Goodbye to you

For once and all of time



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