Good Man Blue


I desire you

I crave you

I want you

And I want to take you

To my bed

You tell me

You like me

But just as a friend

You say you don’t think of me

The way I think of you

You say I’m a good man

And I sure as hell

Don’t understand you at all

But I am making a declaration

Right now here to you

Either you get in my bed

Or you get the hell

Out of life now and forever

I’m sick of this shit

I’ve had enough

Of this we can still be friends

Fuck you if you don’t want to fuck me

Fuck off and stay away from me

Find some other fool

To listen to the nonsense you spew

It’s into my bed

Or out of my life woman

I will not change for you

I will change for anyone

Woman or man

You either desire me

As I am

Or I’ll put you on a bullet train

Right out of my life and mind

George L. Hiegel the friend

Ends right here

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