What You Kept, What You Gave Away

I have intimate feelings for you

Which you say you will never have for me

You say like me, but not in that way

Meaning without romantic ties

But only as a friend

And what I say to you

In response to this declaration of yours

To hell with you

And to hell with being your friend

If you can’t look at me

With eyes beyond superficial tones

And feel romantic intimate emotions

Somewhere down inside yourself

Then get the hell out of my life

And go find yourself some other sucker

Who’ll play this fool friend game of yours

And then you go attach yourself

To some selfish narcissist

Who will lie to you and cheat on you

Who will ignore you and treat like shit

On the bottom of worn out shoe

Go right ahead, it’s your life

And if you to waste it on misery

You just go right ahead

I am a man of strength

Of both the internal and external kind

I am a man of creative imagination

Of humor and deep spirituality

The best man you’ll ever know

And if all you want is to live a shallow life

Then go find yourself a shallow man

I am done with you

And all those like you

So piss off, kiss off, and say goodbye

I am George L. Hiegel

Man extraordinaire

I am here and I am rare

But if you prefer bums to me

Then so be it goddammit

There’s nothing wrong with me

And everything wrong with you

Enjoy your life if you can

And live with the consequences

Of what you kept

And what you gave away

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