The Dark Mazed Spiderwebs of My Soul

Woke up this morning

With musty cobwebs all through my brain

And spider webs interwoven all through my soul

I have to pee and I have to make coffee

And I can’t do both at the same time

The coffee comes first naturally

It brews while I go the bathroom

And while standing there

I anticipate what the magic of coffee

Will do for me as it always does each day

It breaks all those cobwebs away

And brings into focus my fogged up sight

But despite its powers it can do nothing

About those darkly mazed , interconnected spider webs

Which occupy the entire space of my soul

I don’t know if there’s a cure for such a thing

But I will not stop searching

And I will not longing for the day

When they just go away

And leave my be.


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