The Dreamy Calls of the Whispering Wind

On the whispering wind

A far away place calls  to me

I hear it in my soul

It says George, if you come here

You will set your soul free

You will breath a different air here

You will see a different sky

An inner calm will come over you

And you will realize you are finally home

The place you were meant to be

A re-connection with nature

Mountain springs and inspiring waterfalls

You can hear their calls if you listen carefully

They speak to you and give you wisdom

In their natural states of beauty

They refresh what was once lost

And return it all back to you

Close your eyes now

Picture the place in your mind

It is where you need to be

If you want to ever set your soul free

It will be forever transformed

It will be forever unchained

You will find meaning there

You will find fulfillment there

You are now on the path to be here

Take a step or two each day

It is the journey of a lifetime

Take heart and be strong

It won’t be long now, my friend

The realization is well within your reach

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