The Masquerade of False Superiors

They’re sick and twisted

They use people just for fun

It gets them off to play with people

Like they’re puppets on a string

It’s their thing, it’s their thing

They piss on people’s heads

Then tell them it’s raining

They joke among themselves

How much fun it is

To play with people’s lives

Then they go home and laugh about it

And tell their wives

To them other people

Are shit on their shoe

Who deserve to be mistreated

The lowly peons

Of the lowest caste

And you can just bet

They are all religious

Going to their place of worship

Full of mock and hypocritical spirituality

On their chosen holy day

It is their way, the way of false superiority

You see, I know the truth

You are all gutless cowards to the core

And if you’d ever come face to face with me

On even terms, I’d damn well prove it to you

And then I’d prove it to you some more

I’d show you who’s the better person

I’d show you who’s the shit

On the bottom of the shoe

None of you are not even

Half the human being I am

I rise up by bettering myself inside

Not by pulling other people down

I leave no foot marks on anyone’s back

I stand on no other’s neck

I am the superior one

I am the better

And you all damn well know it.



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