A Place I’ve Never Been, A Place I Want to Call Home

Flesh and bone

I just want to find a home

Where I can be myself

Whether mated or alone

I can have peace of mind

And feel as if my soul is truly free

It has been a difficult journey

And so far I failed in my quest

I have given my best

And i have failed

But I am far from done yet

My desire lingers on

Fermented long ago  in my unusual DNA

I am still in full pursuit

With a renewed vigor and energy

It is my sole focus

At this point in my life

My reason for getting up each day

For continuing on

And putting up with all of the shit

That comes my way

With a smile on my face

I picture my ideal place

Where I want to live and call home

I want it now more than ever

And I want to realize it

With a  special one at my side

To heighten the experience

And no longer be alone



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