Treading Water in the Tides of Life and Trying Not to Drown

Where do you find

Peace of mind

Away from all of your  troubles and fears

Where do you go

When you don’t know

Anyplace to go after all these years

You tried to believe in humanity

But there’s too much continuous insanity

For that to have lasted too long

Night after day after night

There’s too little that’s made right

And too much institutionalized wrong

You give all you have to give

You’re just trying to live

While the walls

Withare cracking apart

You seek the light

And do what’s right

Without losing your fragile heart

Corruption is everywhere you see

It is the accepted way to be

Everyday right from the start

Physically strained

Emotionally drained

You’re lying on the floor

You hope to avoid the day

You can’t keep the darkness at bay

And you just can’t take it anymore




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