The Revolving Door of Life and the Dawn of a New Day

I am in the shower too long

i am always in the shower too long

With the hot water relaxing my muscles

But doing nothing for what’s ailing on the inside of me

I know on the inside it can do nothing to warm my soul

Yet I try to prove with all I have otherwise

I press the hot washcloth against my forehead repeatedly

The steam rises  and fulls

My body aches, my soul aches

The former will subside

The latter will continue on

I sleep restlessly

I dream dreams

Of better things

Than the way I am living now

I will wake up as I always do

Too short of the rest I need

Here I go again

It’s the way it has always been

And I cry at the thought I will die

In the revolving door of life

Without ever coming through

To the other side

And lived a life to no avail

It is fear that haunts me

And shadows my ever move

The sun will be rising soon

The dawn of a new day

I still have hope

As I lie awake alone in my bed

That this repeated nightmare

That is my life

Ends before I am dead

Having lived a life

Of dreams unfulfilled


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