The Supreme Madness of Evil Done in the Name of Good

The worst evils the world has ever seen

Have been committed by those who lie to themselves

The lies start out small then grow slowly over time

The lies are repeated to remove self-guilt and responsibility

The lies are endlessly repeated and become truth

Those who indulge in this distorted mind manipulation

No longer know truth from lies

And no longer do they care

Their conscience has been excised from their souls

They are by all outward appearances fully human

But they are mere shells of outerwear

They are dead on the inside

Their humanity been deleted

Their souls have rotted to gangrene

Everything they do is justified

Everything they do is perverted and twisted

Their algorithm has been altered to allow all actions

In the name of good, all evil is possible

If conscience and emotional feeling

If  the ability to watch and make others suffer

While feeling nothing at all

Is what makes us inhuman

Then they are as inhuman

As the species of humanity has ever known

And all evil can be acted upon

And has and will be done so

It is a terminal psychosis

With no chance of remission

There is no hope

While they remain in charge

And who is there

Who is there to stop them?


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