The Repercussions of No Progressions of Our States of Being

Where is the time

For peace of mind

I work myself into exhaustion

Every day

I sleep restlessly

Sometimes I have to drink myself

Into any state of slumber at all

Give up your life

Give up everything all together

They want it all from you

And they think nothing of it

They are all dead inside

And they want you to be

Just the same

You are not a name

A person of flesh and bone

You are a number

To be used to get what they want

They see no light of life behind your eyes

They don’t care about your humanity

You are the means

To justify their ends

This is the way it is now

Grandiose speeches about freedom and democracy

All the while they step on your neck

To hold you down

And if try to rebel and fight back

They will bring down the hammer

Right down on your skull

And crush your spirit and soul

Then your body will fall too

You are nothing to them

Pawns in a psychotic game of chess

They live in darkness

Their hearts are as black as coal

And as cold as glacier ice

The Neanderthal mind rages on

There has been no real progression

In the way we think as a species

There has been no change at all

The species, in fact, has regressed

The there no we, only me mind

Cruelty, torture, war

In full enactment on a global scale

One day the price will be paid

And humanity will refuse to see it coming

Until the end actually begins to occur

Then it will be too late

To do a thing to change it

Lessons learned?

The human species has never learned a  lesson

The great potential wasted

The great gifts unopened and unused

Humans too full of themselves

Preaching about a creator god

While acting as if they are a god

And can do anything without repercussions

The human soul as a whole

Is bathed in darkness and blood

Never to be what it could have been

Basking in light and  love

I will continue on

Until my ending day of life

With my faith in humanity

Having died long ago

What keeps me going?

I don’t know

I just don’t know

I live from moment to moment

It is all I can do


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