The Cold Dark Masque of Grand Illusion

I don’t care

Who the hell you are

I don’t care

Who the hell

You think you are

You strut around

As if you own the world

Treating people like they’re shit

On the bottom of your shoe

You think you’re better than me

You’re not better than me

And the fact that you believe you are

Is an obvious display of a delusional mind

A mind that’s lives outside the sphere of reality

Which is what happens when you lie

To yourself so many times for so many years

You actually believe you’re a somebody

And that I am a nobody at all

Which gives you the right to get in my face

In order to demean me, degrade, me. and humiliate me

Well, here’s a goddamn news flash for you asshole

I’m not going to let you do that to me

I’ve earned the right to be respected

Through my years of walking this Earth

And if you can’t  treat me with respect

Then stay the hell away from me

And if you can’t talk to me with respect

Then don’t talk to me at all

I don’t care where you’ve been

I don’t what you’ve done

And even if you could live to be

A thousand years old

You’d still never be half the person I am

Look in the mirror and you’ll see

You are a phony and a fraud

Not a superior person or a god

I am smarter than you

More imaginative and talented you

I am stronger and more enduring than you

I better than you in every way

It is possible for a person to be better than another

So fuck you and your higher status

Fuck you and that there is about you

You’ll never be the person I am

You’ll never even come close

So stay the hell away from me

Don’t talk to me

Don’t even look at me

Unless by some great miracle

You learn the life lesson

That respect is a two way street

Although I doubt you will ever learn this

Because you’ve gone too long the other way

Wearing the cold dark masque of grand illusion


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