The Elixirs of G

It’s a new dawn

And a new day

And I need to find a  way

To face all of the same old

Repeated daily aggravations

My mind is clogged

My eyes are fogged

So, as I always do

I turn to a dependable friend

Coffee, Mr. Java Caffeine Joe

Three or four cups is all I need

To clear away the previous days’ fog

And gets me ready to go

Then when the day is done

After a long tiring day of work

In the hours of early morn

I turn to another friend

To undress the stress

That has rode my back

For hours without a minutes’ peace

Never taking a second to let me

And numb me from my skin to my soul

So I can lie down and sleep

With no tears to weep

And find peace at least

For a little while


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