What Was Once Under Cerebral Lock is Now Roaming Free

It’s cold and gray in the middle of the day

Even though it’s ninety degrees

And the sun is shining and the sky is clear

I want you and I love you

And never to be with you

Is my greatest fear

To never know the day

Of you being by my side

And loving me in an intimate way

Of never knowing true happiness

Or true fulfilling joy

You are the one

My special one

Who I have cared for like no other woman

I have ever met in my life

And some days it tears me all up inside

With no refuge where I can hide

To escape the pain of your not being here

Today is one of those days

Where the thought of all of the missing possibilities

Of the life I could have been living

Of the dreams of you and I fulfilled

Have escaped from the darkened corner of my mind

Where they are housed under cerebral lock and key

They are now roaming free without restraint

Causing me all sorts of different hell

All I can do this day is to try and stem the tide

To tread water while trying not to drown

And hope with all I have that you are doing well

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