Apathetic Mindfulness Grows in the Wake of a Mindless Species Unconcerned

more and more

with each passing day

i find myself less and less caring

about the world and it’s people

worrying no more about the future

and their fate unfolding before my eyes

I used to care and worry endlessly

but the people themselves

the species as a whole doesn’t worry itself

or it destiny in the years of upcoming time

the species doesn’t change

its nature is at has always been

selfish desire, unmeaningful life

they waste their lives

and fritter the great gift away

never growing up

never expanding its mind or purpose

never even approaching the evolutionary potential

it was born with so long long ago

evolve or die as the tides of time show us

and we have chosen death

the foundation has long sliver cracks

getting bigger as time passes on

it is weak but seen as strong

the walls are rotting and loosening

the ceiling is without reinforcement

wrongly built in the beginning

and never built of secure materials

it was built to fail and fall

you can hear the hour of this inevitability

it’s in the whispering wind

telling us all if we dare to listen

the darkness on the horizon

waiting to come and take us all away

into the great void of nothingness

where all life of our kind

has ceased and is to be no more


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