The Blank, Darkened Stares From Eyes Housed in the Unlighted Void

Blank stares from eyes

With no back dropped light

There is vision there

A long narrow sight

Lifeless strolling coming way

From down at the other end of the street

I am there plainly walking with passion

But they do not acknowledge my existence

There is no intention to see and greet

They are a shell of life, a husband and wife

A matched pair of childish superficiality

I see their kind in different forms

All along the day of repeated routines

They are alive but not truly living

They are masked and marked in darkness

And will remain so at their own choosing

A choice of fully animated machine

Movement and action carried out

With the absolute lack of emotion and intelligence

They will come and go and give themselves fully over

To the bland and the tasteless banalities of their life

They will rise into life and fall into death

Never having had a fire in their belly

Or a burning flame from heart to soul

They will leave this earthly realm

Having wasted the great gift given to them

Unappreciative and without wisdom

They will meet their end

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