Real Beliefs, Stated Beliefs

What do you really believe?

Is it what you say you believe?

Do you believe in a supreme creator?

A deity of all power

And an all knowing watching eye

Do you believe he is watching you right now?

Judging you for an eternal time

Is this what you really believe

Or is just what you say you believe?

Could you really act the way you do

The lies, the cheating, the horrible darkness

You add to an already dark world

The selfishness, the cruelty, and meanness

You show to other people every day

When you go out into the world

Could you really behave this way?

If you really believed you were being judged

By a deity with the power

To cast you into an eternal spiritual torment

Would the world be an endless cycle

Of hate, wars, cruelty, brutality, torture, and pain

If this is what people truly believed at their inner core?

No. The answer is no.

But who, of all of the people out there

Will admit this is so?

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