Meet My Eye and See All There Is to See

Face to face

I’ll meet any man

Eye to eye

I will not back away

Feet firm, shoulders squared

I am here to stay

I will stand facing you

Head up and a gaze

Of  hard, multi-layered ice

I have no concern

With  who you are

Who you think you are

Or who you pretend to be

I am me

And everything I am

Is there for all to see

There is no pretense

I wear no mask

I am exactly as I seem

I will not break

I will not flinch

I will meet your eye

I will not give an inch

So, I will warn you now

Beware of me and my way

Because when the storm has passed

And the ominous sky has come clear

You will have gone away

And I will still be standing here

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