Claustrophobic Despair Clawing at My Soul

God help me

I’m drunk again

God help me

I’m in so much pain

I try to numb myself again and again

But what’s the point

I just don’t know

The next day is always the same

Internal sorrows

Flushed way down deep

My soul is  crying for some relief

Yet none come

The next morning

The numbness is gone

And I have to face my reality again

The revolving door

Needs to stop

I need to find another way of escape

And I need to do it soon

Before my soul is damaged beyond repair

And all means of getting out are gone

I’m sending out one last SOS

Hoping with all that I have

That I am rescued from this despair

And brought to much better place

Where I can thrive and be set free

A place where I am reconnected to nature

And be the best me I could ever be


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