Somewhere Between Consciousness and Dreams, A Presence Came to Visit Me

Exactly one week ago

I was lying prone

In the darkest of night

I was in a strange place

In my bed

And somewhere in the misty world

Between consciousness and dreams

There was a presence in the room

In the space all around my bed

It leaned down and surrounded me

Like a warming blanket

On the coldest of days

It was a strange feeling

Nothing I’d never known before

Comforting and consoling

Loving and reassuring

It stayed there with me

For a brief period of time

Hugging me in the gentlest of ways

And then it was gone

I don’t if I’d just imagined it all

Or it had actually occurred

I still don’t know for sure

But real or imagined

I liked the way I felt then

Loved and warm in my bed

And I’d like to feel that way again

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